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DietTribe is a reality series for Lifetime that follows the emotional journey of five friends as they attempt to go from "fat" to "fit." Close friends Tiffany, Stephanie, Mary, Rita and Lanessa have made a commitment to lose their unwanted pounds, together.

With the help of professional fitness trainer Jessie Pavelka and psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser (of "Celebrity Fit Club" fame), each woman will change her eating and exercise habits over the course of four months as well as confront the issues that caused her to gain weight initially.

Throughout the eight-episode series, cameras follow the tight-knit group as they deal with real-life temptations, struggle to stay on track through the toughest workouts of their lives and face the scale each week to see how far they have come both mentally and physically.


Here's what critics say about the show:

A bunch of plus-sized BFFs team up to shed the pounds in an inspirational series that makes counting calories more fun than you can imagine. We promise. — TV Guide "Hot List"

When I think Lifetime, I think touching and often uplifting programming for women. So it's nice to see that Lifetime has found a reality show that actually follows the Lifetime formula... — The Herald Dispatch