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No one in the world eats like Chef Rodelio Aglibot, aka The Food Buddha. This award-winning chef is devoted to food; Rodelio travels to new cities in search of those magical bites that will inspire new menu items for his Chicago restaurant. Rodelio has created a signature ordering style that ensures he never misses that one mind-blowing dish on a menu: He's going to order everythingl! "I'll have OOE—that's One Of Each!" It's an all day eating extravaganza guided by one local chef or foodie, who shows Rodelio the city's hidden gems in hopes of wowing the guy who has tasted EVERYTHING. After Chef Rodelio and his guide drop the "OOE" bomb on three unsuspecting restaurants, which bite really floored him? And how will this world-class chef interpret what he tasted into a new menu item? It's a chowdown of epic proportion when you eat Buddha style. To find out more about Chef Rodelio Aglibot, click here.