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The fashion industry is a hardcore, high-dollar, highly-competitive, skinny, skinny world. But watch out because Kenyatta Jones is coming down the runway!  

HOUSE OF CURVES follows Atlanta-based, plus-size clothing designer, Kenyatta Jones as she kicks down the doors of fashion with her six-inch stilettos. The series chronicles the passionate and hilarious trials of Kenyatta and her team as they teeter on the precipice of making it big in the fierce world of fashion.

Kenyatta is the CEO of Bella René and has designed her dream wardrobe for plus-sized women. With her two best friends from college, an assistant with an attitude and her mother as her main investor, Kenyatta and company will do anything to expand their brand.  Mishaps, misadventures and in-house bickering may get in the way of the dream, but in the end, her girls always have Kenyatta’s back. The team is put to the test when Kenyatta and crew compete for recognition in the fashion capital of the world, New York City.