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For the last eight years, West End Architectural Salvage in Des Moines, Iowa has been stockpiling 50,000 square feet of reclaimed, recycled and salvaged materials taken from old homes, abandoned schools and turn-of-the-century churches. Now, owner Don Short and his team of designers, carpenters and craftsmen are repurposing their arsenal of antiques into cool custom pieces for the bedrooms, basements, living rooms and lofts of their mid-western clients. A makeover show like no other, each episode features pickers and antique dealers bringing in more items for the guys to turn into new and unusual pieces of furniture. A tire from a Model T gets a second life as a game table, a hay hook becomes a wicked chandelier, slate chalkboards from an old classroom turn into a fireplace surround -- it’s upcycling like you’ve never seen it, only on West End Salvage.

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